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September 18, 2018
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Different types of washing machine

Washing machine: The machine which is directly used for washing is called washing machine. It is the main machine of washing plant. All types of washing is done by this machine. washing machines are used for garments dyeing. Sometimes washing machines are used for spinning also after wash. But spinning is done only at front loading wash machine. Washing machines are mainly two types based on loading.

2.1 Front loading :The machine which is loaded from front side is called front loading machine. Actually this is computerized machine and modern washing machine.



  1. Computerized machine
  2. Automatically machine
  3. Can wash according to capacity.
  4. Good operating system.
  5. Dyeing facilities are very good.



  1. RPM problems
  2. Workers are not available
  3. Not user friendly compare with belly machine.
  4. Every parameter should be set properly
  5. Maintenance is difficult
  6. Parts are not available
  7. Price is too high


2.2 Top loading:The machine which is loaded from the top side is called top loading machine. This machine is manually operated machine. This is also called belly machine. The advantages and disadvantages are bellow.




  1. Easy to operate
  2. Manually controlled
  3. User friendly
  4. Good abrasion level
  5. Bach stain is less
  6. Workers are available
  7. Available in market.



  1. Difficult to control all parameters
  2. Have to handled manually
  3. Not suitable for garments dyeing
  4. Everything is manually, so that manpower required is more.


2.3 Hydro extractor: Hydro extractor is the machine by which water is removing from garments. After washing we put the garments into hydro.

Hydro is working based on the centrifugal forces. When hydro extractor is moving with high speed that time materials and water want to go outside but materials can not out but water will go. About 70-80% water is removed by this process.


2.4 Hydro extractor :The machine is used to change the color of garments after washing and also this machine is for washing purpose. This machine is like a washing machine but only different is this can change the garments color without washing. We can do the sustainable wash by this machine. No water consumption here. That’s why, no water treat required. In the near future this machine will be more popular.

This machine is work for actually,

  1. Back stain removes
  2. Can do light shade without using chemicals
  3. To clean the surface of tinted garments.

Using this machine one bio-produced is produced is called esertin which is harmful for human body.

2.5 Dryer :The machine which is used for drying the garments after wash is called dryer. Based on heating process dryer are basically two types. Gas and steam dryer. In the gas dryer garments are drying within short time compare to steam dyer. Basically the denim garments are drying in the gas dryer as it contains more water at the time of washing and non denim garments are drying in the steam dryer as low contains of water.

Gas dryer: In this dryer natural gas is directly burned and heat is produced. This heat is applied on garments when the dryer drum is moving. When the drum is moving and taking the heat from upper part of the dryer.







Steam dryer

In this dryer steam is converted to heat by using a heat exchanger. Then the heat is applied on garments at the time of inside the drum and dried. This heat exchanger name is condenser. Condenser is converted the steam to heat.




Dry process machine :

2.6 Sand blasting machine: This machines are used for removing the color from garments. Sand is directly hit on the garments surface by air pressure, then color is out from surface. But now a days buyer is not approved this process due to environmental and health hazardous.



2.7 Hand sand blasting: The machine by which we done the hand send process is called the hand sand machine. Actually it is not machine,  it is dummy. This machine contains one balloon, stand and some pneumatic signals. Garments are put in dummy, then take air pressure and process have done.  We have to take proper air pressure, otherwise crease mark will come at the time of hand sanding.






  • 3d crinkle: This is the machine which is used for 3d crinkle. This crinkle slightly different from normal crinkle, one is two dimension and another is three dimension. This machine has some pattern which put inside the garments and heating at oven. Before inside pattern we used resign at specific place. In the market so many three dimensional crinkle machine found. Vertical, horizontal and etc. In the picture machine the resin sprayed at the specific are of the garments then put into the handle of the machine and making the 3D crinkle as per required, after making 3D crinkle send to oven for curing for permanent reaction.





  • Tacking :This machine is used for taking the garments. After washing this garments will marked where the tag is attached. This machine having the needle and plastic pin. Where workers press the paddle of machine then moving by the help of motor and needle going inside the fabric.

2.10 Laser machine : It is used for whisker by burning the garments. This process is done by light emitting system. First time have to make a design for whisker by using photoshop illustrator. Then it will impose on garments after selecting the intensity of burn.




2.11 Normal crinkle machine: This machine is used for squeezing the garments. First time we apply resin on specific area of garments, then squeeze the garments of that area at high temperature at specific time. This type of crinkle made for crimping after wash. When you need the crimping on the garments at specific area.



2.12 Destroy :This machines are used for destroy the garments. This machine are operated by pneumatic signal or electric signals. One stone is attached with this machine at front. When this stone is moving with high speed that it will with specific area of garments and garments will damage at desire area.




2.13 Pressing machine :It is used for pressing the garments by heat and it make permanent palette. In this machine we used steam as heat. First press the garments take steam to produce heat. Then fabric reacts of resin.




2.14 Abrasive paper :The paper which is used for scrapping the garments is called abrasive paper. This paper has so many grade. In washing plant we used some of the grade. Like 220,320,420 and 620. This serial is based on the power of the paper. If the number is less power is more. If the number is high power is less.



2.15 Oven :This is the machine in which curing is done. After crinkle done we put the garments in the oven for a specific time. We maintain temperature at 150c because at this temperature curing reaction is happened. At curing reaction resin is react with cellulose and making bond. This oven may be gas, electric or other fuel based. Gas oven is easy to operate. Curing oven is two  types. Open door or conveyor belt type and close door oven.

2.16 Open door : This is the oven by which we can get production continuously. Its another name is conveyor belt oven also. Oven main door will never close as the conveyor belt moving within the door. Productivity is more then close door oven. You have to set the retention time for this oven garments moving inside the oven according to your ser time. After completing the circle garments should be taken out. But the retention time depends on the standard. This oven price is more.

2.17 Close door:In this close door oven garments  are hanged with hanger then in the oven. After putting the garments inside, door closed for certain time at curing temperature.  The time and temperature is set previously. After during complete garments will out within the door in this oven production. Installation of the close door is less than open door oven.

2.18 Whisker pattern: It is one kinds of dry process by whish we can do whisker. This pattern is made by rubber sheets and art paper or only rubber sheets. After making this pattern put inside the garments then scrap with sand paper.


2.19 PP spray cabin :This is the cabin that contain spray gun and rubber dummy. Garments are wearing on dummy then spray PP by gun. This cabin has two or three exhaust fans.This fans exhaust the dust or PP smell from cabin. Now the exhaust removes by water flowing. Potassium permanganate solution is hanged with the cabin by bucket.When workers are started to spray then the solution is come from the bucket with the helping of the air pressure.




2.20 Grinding machine :This machine is used for grinding of garments edges. This has two wheels or more then two. These wheels are moving very high speed by an electric motors. The garments edges are contract with the wheels and making slight damages look at edges area.


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