Knitting technology
September 25, 2018
Components or Elements of knitting machine
September 25, 2018

Knitting Machine

A knitting machine is thus an apparatus for applying mechanical movement, either hand or power drive to primary knitting elements, in order to convert yarn into knitted loop structure & to produce different types of knitted fabric from yarn.

Different kind of knitting machine are

  1. Single jersey
  2. Double jersey
  3. Rib
  4. Interlock
  5. Pollo Pique
  6. Lacost etc.


Features knitting machine

1.This may be circular or flat type.

2.The yarn supply consists of:-

     a)Yarn package

     b)Tensioning device

     c)Yarn feed control device

     d)Yarn feed guide.

3.Knitting elements

     a)Needle: To form loop.

     b)Sinker: To hold down the new loop.

     c)Cam: To up and down of the needle during knitting.

4.The machine has a fabric take way mechanism and this mechanism consists of:-

      a)Fabric tensioning device.

      b)Fabric wind up device (roller).

5.During production, some checking points of the machine acts simultaneously:-

     a)Stop motion.

     b)Fabric fault detector.

     c)Needle detector.

     d)Automatic oilers.

     e)Dust removal system.





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